A Virtual Production Short Film


Fireworks, a gripping political short thriller, is a collaboration between Dimension, DNEG, and Wilder Films. Shot within an LED volume, this project is directed by double Oscar winner Paul Franklin and stars Charlotte Riley.

The film unfolds in a London MI6 ops room and on the streets of Tripoli. The immediacy of in-camera virtual production is an integral part of the storytelling that creates a striking juxtaposition between London and Tripoli.

Premiering at Curzon Soho and securing a place at the esteemed Tribeca Film Festival in June 2022, the film received support from Epic Games Megagrant, Lipsync Post Production, and StoryFutures Academy.

Alongside the release, a series of five behind-the-scenes films delve into key aspects of the virtual production process, featuring interviews with the talented film crew.

"The LED screens and realistic graphics bring sets and locations to life on a studio stage. This creates an engaging and dynamic space for the cast to work in, far removed from the blank expanse of a green screen."

Paul Franklin

Director, Fireworks

"Coming from a filmmaking background, I’ve been astonished and delighted by the story-telling possibilities Virtual Production offers. With Fireworks we were able to use this ground-breaking technology to help bring another level of complexity."

Annalise Davis

Producer, Wilder Films

Tribeca Film Festival


British Film Designers Guild Awards

Best Production Design (Film Shorts)

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