Virtual Humans

PUMA x Neymar Jr.

The worlds of sport, fashion, and Web3 converged at New York Fashion Week 2022. Dimension was commissioned by PUMA and FTR to transform Brazilian football legend, Neymar Jr, into a lifelike 3D avatar for an unforgettable show.

At the physical FUTROGRADE NYFW show, Neymar’s avatar entered the spotlight on colossal LED walls, while on the runway, real-life dance performances met a star-studded cast of sportsperson models.

Neymar’s virtual twin also graced the immersive PUMA Black Station, a virtual web experience crafted by FTR. It brought together the digital and physical with exclusive NFTs and physical limited edition sneakers.

Our 3D-capture rig enabled us to recreate a precise likeness using the Scan to MetaHuman pipeline in Unreal Engine. His distinctive tattoos were handcrafted and seamlessly mapped to his MetaHuman body, and brought to life using motion capture data.

This convergence of virtual and physical, intertwined with blockchain technology, cements PUMA as a cultural behemoth. We're proud to have helped craft new ways for sport and fashion to evolve and mutate across all platforms.

"PUMA's Black Station story world is an incredible platform and metaverse experience. 3D avatars like Neymar are essential for authentic mixed reality storytelling and offer hugely exciting creative and commercial opportunities, as brands explore 3D virtual worlds, Web3, and embrace the avatar economy."

Simon Windsor

Co-founder & co-CEO, Dimension

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